Our Branch

Welcome to UNISON East Ayrshire Branch.

We represent over 2,000 members who work for East Ayrshire Council and the voluntary sector employers throughout East Ayrshire.

Branch members have access to a local network of Branch Officers, Stewards and Health & Safety Representatives, with full time professional support, legal services, fringe benefits and all the power of the UK’s largest public sector union.

On this site you can contact the branch, ask questions, check out membership benefits, join, get up to date information, and so much more! 

Please see our ‘upcoming courses and events’ page for what’s going on in Ayrshire and what you can get involved with!

What We Do

UNISON is an organising and campaigning trade union. Your local branch is there to support you in day to day workplace difficulties. Whether you have a problem requesting special leave from your manager, a colleague is bullying you, you are facing financial difficulties, your hours have been cut, or you’re just not sure what your rights are, you know you can turn to UNISON. We’ll help you through the process of absence monitoring, disciplinaries, grievances and even workload reviews.

UNISON is also there to negotiate on members’ behalf with government and get involved in civic society.  With locally elected officers and stewards who have access to all the support of the Scottish and UK organisation,  you get the best representation with a knowledge of local circumstances along with the ability to link into the national structures on major issues. If you would like to get involved in wider UNISON structures or wider UNISON politics, please see our UNISON Scotland page.


Unison Recruit

Employment Rights

Everyone has employment rights in some shape or form.  Whether you are an agency worker, a part-time worker; on maternity leave, or on sick leave, you will have some statutory, entitlements. For some basic information on your rights at work, please follow the links below. Alternatively, feel free to contact the Branch at any time if you need further help.

*If you are going to be inspired to jump into social networking following the event, you might want to check the unison guide to responsible social networking… and avoid getting in bother with your boss over silly status updates!

Citizen’s Advice GuideScottish LawACAS

Who’s Who on the Branch Committee

Branch Secretary – Brian Gibson

Branch Chair – Jane Beale

Branch Vice-Chair – Ian Allan

Equality Rep/s- Stuart Cooper

Welfare Officer – Murray Steele

Health and Safety Officer – Frank Johnstone

Treasurer – Joe Burns

Learning Reps – Janet McCombe and Brian Reid

Leisure Trust Stewards –

LGBT Officer- Stuart Cooper

Along with a host of other stewards throughout the Council, college, Leisure Trust and third/voluntary sector!

Branch Administrator – Lena. You can contact the Branch Office on 01563 554 580 or drop into Greenholm Street, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire KA1 4DJ Monday -Friday 8-2pm

Branch Meetings

Branch meetings are held once a month, alternating between Kilmarnock and Cumnock.

Organisations we are affiliated to:










Join now or contact the Branch for ways you can become active in Unison.


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