Health and Safety

It needn’t be like this.

Health and Safety legislation is there for an important reason. It’s there to ensure that you return home each day with the same compliment of limbs and volume of blood as you set out with. It’s there to ensure that your workplace is secure, sanitary and comfortable. It’s there to ensure that you’re not exposed to toxic chemicals, wonky work tools or placed in dodgy situations. It’s there to eliminate or reduce as far as practicably possible the dangers and stresses you might be exposed to in the course of your working day. It’s there to keep you safe and sound, in every sense, while you’re at work.

To achieve this aim, successive governments have introduced a whole pile of Health and Safety legislation most of which can be found at along with ample guidance on how it affects you, your colleagues and your employer.

UNISON Health & Safety Resources/ Guides

East Ayrshire Council has publicly declared its commitment to protecting the health and safety of not only its employees but anyone they might bump against in the course of the working day  Our employer, in its ‘Policy for Health Safety and Welfare at Work’   available on the intranet or through us), declares;

“East Ayrshire Council is committed to its responsibilities as a good employer for ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of its employees at work, any other person whether employed or otherwise and the community at large who may be affected by the activities, operations or statutory undertakings of the Council.

It’s a laudable aim, worthy of any good employer. To achieve this aim, the Council and East Ayrshire Leisure Trust have introduced a number of Health and Safety policies to help ensure the welfare of their employees and those affected by the work of the Council and Trust . You can find the Council’s and Trust’s Health and Safety policies on the Intranet pages, by speaking to the Council’s Health and Safety Officers or by contacting the Branch Office.

If you work for other organisations they should have similar policies available to ensure the safety, health and well-being of their employees

 If you have a Health and Safety problem in your workplace which you think needs addressing raise it with your line manager and your workplace Health and Safety Representative. If you are not sure who your Health and Safety Rep is, contact the Branch Office and we will point you in the right direction.

If your workplace doesn’t have a Health & Safety Rep then you ought to have one. Unison provides training and support for all members willing to act as an H&S Rep. Contact the Branch Office if you want to take on this role.


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