Equality and Self Organised Groups


The UNISON 2015 LGBT conference will be held in  November 2015 . Please contact the LGBT Officer if you would like to go.

February 2015 is LGBT History month.

Edinburgh Pride  and Glasgow Pride in 2015 info will appear here.

There is also an LGBT Social night every 2 weeks. Log into Facebook and search for LGBTQ Ayrshire and become a friend which will give you all events coming up. Nights out usually Ayr and Kilmarnock.

Members can get in touch with our LGBT officer via the branch office, and it is completely confidential.  There are also groups covering Disabled LGBT and Black members LGBT. Unison Scotland’s website is a good place to visit to keep up to date with events and you can sign up for ‘Outin’ magazine here.

For LGBT adopters, check out New Family Social – the small, but growing charity in the UK. You can contact them here. You can read the latest report from the UK organisation for bisexual research and activism here.

Stonewall Scotland, gives good advice about Events, employment rights and news within the UK and Scotland. 01315573679.

LGBT Switchboard Glasgow 01418470447. Monday to Sunday 7-10pm., where you can speak with a trained support worker in confidence.

Terrance Higgins Trust for Sexual Advice and wellbeing.

You can email or contact our LGBT Officer, David Meechan – details on the Our Branch page – for confidential info and advice locally. For social events see the Facebook page



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