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East Ayrshire Council plans for a Happy Clappy future (Transformational Strategy) .

EAC has published its Transformation Strategy which sets out how it intends to provide council services in the future with less money.  This situation requires “decisive and comprehensive action to ensure that the Council will continue to deliver key services with less money.”

Amongst the solutions being considered are the provision of council services by external third sector or private sector organisations, efficiency savings of 2% for each of the next three years and shared service projects. We would urge all members to read this document, which is available here, and forward your comments to your steward or to the Branch office.


You are more political than you think – political fund voted in again

East Ayrshire Branch welcomes vote of membership to keep the political funds .

The GPF is a unique unaffiliated political fund and there is a number of important campaigns funded by it to the long term benefit of unison members.

What’s political?

The best way to define this is to list the kind of campaigns that the union could not have mounted without a political fund.

  • improving employment rights, including paid holidays, rights for agency workers – and building support to stamp out zero hours contract abusespromoting and defending public services through Scotland’s Public Works campaign
  • lobbying and campaigning against outsourcing and privatisation, including the victory in Edinburgh
  • campaigning for fairer pay through the Worth It campaign
  • fighting racism and discrimination, including our successful fight against the BNP
  • defending pensions
  • getting legislation for more equality including through public sector equalities duties
  • extending coverage of the Scottish Living Wage and getting this issue up the political agenda in the Scottish Parliament and in public sector agencies and the Third Sector.
  • UNISON Scotland support for the People’s Assembly and we have contributed to a new campaigning guide issued by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity Scotland.

UNISON Scotland responses to consultations conducted by the Scottish Parliament are in part resourced from the Political Fund and have included:

Appointments to Public Bodies
Building Standards
Careers Service
Energy & Fuel Poverty
Ethical Standards m Finance
Freedom of Information
Health & Community Care
Regulation of Care.

More about UNISON’s Unique Political Fund

Following a ballot of all members in 1995, UNISON uniquely decided to have a political fund with two sections. Following a ballot in March 2005, 85% of those who voted said Yes to continue the fund, which will allow UNISON to continue campaigning in the political arena, including the current campaign to defend public sector pensions.

The General Political Fund (GPF) which finances political campaigns in the wider public arena. It is not affiliated to any political party – is used for general campaigning, for example the long campaign for a Scottish Parliament. A branch can access these funds when it needs to run campaigns concerning political decisions.

The Affiliated Political Fund (APF) or LabourLink finances our affiliation to the Labour Party.

Members individually choose which fund to contribute to. They can also decide to opt out of any political levy or contribute to both funds.

Credit Unions – not Pay Day Loans

Members should be aware that there are local Credit unions and Unison also provides access to a credit union. Pay day loan companies charge high interest rates.