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The women changing Britain’s unions

With unemployment among women at a 20-year high, a new wave of female union leaders and activists has come to the fore, reviving the fight for workers’ rights when they are under greater threat than ever…Read More Advertisements

East Ayrshire Council plans for a Happy Clappy future (Transformational Strategy) .

EAC has published its Transformation Strategy which sets out how it intends to provide council services in the future with less money.  This situation requires “decisive and comprehensive action to ensure that the Council will continue to deliver key services with less money.”

Amongst the solutions being considered are the provision of council services by external third sector or private sector organisations, efficiency savings of 2% for each of the next three years and shared service projects. We would urge all members to read this document, which is available here, and forward your comments to your steward or to the Branch office.


Ask your MSP and MP to speak out for fair pay across the UK

This Tory-led government wants to change the rules so that nurses, care workers, teachers and all the others who work for the good of society will be paid differently depending on where they live – even though they’re doing exactly … Continue reading


Public sector job losses go through the roof

“It’s no secret that the Tories don’t believe in public services. They are systematically dismantling them,” Steve Warwick told UNISON conference last week. Moving Composite F on public services, the Labour Link chair noted that the UK now has the … Continue reading


Fair Pay Campaign

We are launching our Fair Pay for Council Workers petition and asking every member and their friends and families to sign up. We have already written to all Councillors asking them to support us in this campaign, but please continue to put … Continue reading