Public sector job losses go through the roof

“It’s no secret that the Tories don’t believe in public services. They are systematically dismantling them,” Steve Warwick told UNISON conference last week.

Moving Composite F on public services, the Labour Link chair noted that the UK now has the highest female unemployment for 25 years.

And public sector job losses overall, which were originally predicted to hit 400,000, are now expected to hit 730,000.

“They want to make hospitals, schools and colleges into profit-making organisations. They think that public services are goods to be traded on the market, rather than the building blocks of a civilised, just society,” he said.

Catherine Elliot from Eastern region quoted Oxfam’s report, The Perfect Storm, which details the substantial social damage which is being inflicted by the government’s austerity measures.

But there was good news from Barnet, Southampton and Edinburgh, where the privatisation of services was being resisted.

And UNISON delegates enthusiastically vowed to renew their efforts to campaign to defend and support public services, and oppose the government’s ideological attack on them.


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